Who we are

Hercules Cambridge (HC) is an online studio for designers and innovators in Cambridge. Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced creator, our studio can provide suitable opportunities for you to learn and exercise your creative talent through student-led training sessions, industry projects and world-leading competitions.

Together as an international team, we will combine ‚Äčto bring together a multi-disciplinary set of skills and interests that allows us to examine and dissect complicated problems from different perspectives.

Why HC

We believe that a space for creativity should be fun, flexible and free from restrictions. On our platform, we utilise gaming concepts to better visualise the personal development journey, supporting and motivating members' learning and project work.

Our philosophy

We aim to create a space that motivates learners by rewards and recognition, not rules and agreements; a space for our business partners to discover innovative solutions from a new angle; a space that allows like-minded innovators to find each other, to team up and make something cool.

Together, we #DesigntoChallenge.

Our vision

To inspire positive change through design.

Our mission

To deliver innovative design solutions to client projects by empowering and supporting students.

Our values


With over 700 students of multiple ethnicities from various backgrounds, encompassing a wide variety of subject specialities and year groups, Hercules is committed to creating a diverse community, as we believe that diversity best drives innovation.


From the competitions our students participate in, to the incubated projects we drive within the student community, we push for innovation in all aspects of design.


We are committed to delivering high-quality artisanship and value for our clients, going above and beyond with our passion for each project we undertake.

Our people

Established by a group of Cambridge engineers, HC now consists of passionate individuals from a wide variety of subject backgrounds. We work together to create a vibrant fusion of disciplines including mechanical engineers, electronics engineers, programmers, economists, social scientists, UI designers and prototypers.

Each person brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to the team. It is in the breaking of those traditional inter-disciplinary boundaries that new design inspirations and possibilities sprout.

Key executives

Shang Ke (Alex) Chair Heng Wang Business Acquisition & Strategy Advisor Charles Gai Operations & Ace Design Advisor Robert Chen Director of Operations Johnson Li Director of Skill Leads Nikodem Czarlinski Director of Web Development

Operation officers

Sherry Fu Xiaoli Biggs

Business acquisition officers

Jeremy Feng Richard Zhang

Ace Design Team skill leads

Shouheng Chen Senior Skill Lead Jun Hong Cheong Senior Skill Lead Schoen Cho Senior Skill Lead Elbert Wang Senior Skill Lead Eric Zhang Senior Skill Lead Linda Chen Probationary Skill Lead Ye Heng Hor Probationary Skill Lead

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