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Help us improve the world through design

We offer innovative, creative design solutions to start-ups, engineering, design and architecture firms. Led by passionate Cambridge University students and alumni, our large student base enables us to find driven teams to deliver impact to your firm.


Clients will work with Hercules Cambridge to design a project brief and deliverables which will be given to the HC design team. The project is aimed at delivering value to both our students and clients. Projects can be flexible in nature - do get in touch with any queries you may have.

We offer 6- or 10-week projects to help clients in the following skill areas:

Workshop Prototyping CAD & Rendering Graphic Design Electronics Market Research UI & UX DfM & DfA

Past clients

Kwick Screen Cambridge Design Partnership FLIT Addenbrooke's Hospital ideaReality Nanshan VOX

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How much do you charge?

For any enquiries on how we charge, please seek further information by .

Who retains the intellectual property (IP)?

We are happy to give clients the rights to IP produced by our students during projects, and have the resources to facilitate the necessary contracts. Our goal at HC is to develop students' design and communication skills, and this remains our priority.

How can HC guarantee quality?

HC carefully structures its project teams to ensure our passion and commitment comes through in the work we do. On each project, there will be at least one student from the Ace Design Team - the most skilled and experienced designers in Cambridge. There will also be an assigned mentor on each project, either from the Unversity of Cambridge or the Rhode Island School of Design.

How will the relationship work?

The relationship can vary depending on client expectations, but typically an assigned Project Lead from HC will stay in close contact with the client, to ensure smooth running of the project. At a minimum, this would be on a weekly basis.

How much time can students realistically commit?

All our client projects start outside academic terms which guarantees students’ availabilities. On our projects, typically students will commit 12 hours a week for 6 or 10 weeks. In teams of 6, large amounts of work can be achieved and delivered to our clients. However, commitment can be flexible - if you require a more significant time investment, this can be arranged accordingly.

What resources does HC have access to?

HC has a base of over 700 students and growing. We have mentors from several Universities, and access to workshops, 3D printers, laser cutters and various software licenses.

Can HC offer recruitment opportunities?

HC can facilitate an engagement between clients and students that can extend beyond the scope of the project, extending into internships or graduate jobs later on.